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ST degradation issue
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Author:  kfa [ Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  ST degradation issue

Better late than never, I need to get this out of the way. It didn't matter so far as I was just viewing for my own pleasure, but I'm finally preparing for that to change.

This is the one protocol detail which is getting worse instead of better with every exercise I do, because every round makes me want more intensely to get it over with. It's the redundant task of reproducing the S3 analytical sketches for the site template. The better they are in S3, the harder they are to get right a second time. Seeing some results of those who have mastered the Betty Edwards course (I'm still working on it), it seems close to impossible to do the same thing twice. The mental workings while being highly focused on any particular item in a particular stage are not replayable at will, the whole thing feels stale when revisiting it, impatience is increasing and quality goes down the drain. Yet the ST is the actual deliverable which is supposed to turn out convincing.

The standard solution, 'more practice', in this particular item just makes me grow a phobia. I am wondering if there isn't a better way, or if the professional world doesn't already do it differently. I mean, site template, a template can be seen as something akin to an outline in which the actual puzzle pieces are fitted, can it not? With this in mind I feel like giving only a simplified version of the analytical sketch to the ST, just enough to make clear where it goes and what the scale is. The original S3 sketches then go along into the folder of deliverable results. This would also serve to avoid overloading the ST, as sometimes I'm already pressed for space to put the S4 words. And most importantly, it eliminates redundancy and allows to pack more work into my time.

I can of course conceive of a complete software solution e.g. for tablet computers, where composing the ST becomes a simple drag&drop operation. But there are other issues with this, been talking about some dabblings earlier. There'd be a long way to go until this works, while doubts remain if we want to make ourselves dependent on it at all. The sensitive infrastructure all this relies upon can get its plugs pulled at any time for any number of reasons. So if the pen&paper procedure can be optimized first, why shouldn't it.

How do others get over this when working for customers and striving to hand out only their best pieces?

Author:  rvtd [ Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ST degradation issue

How do others get over this when working for customers and striving to hand out only their best pieces?

I'm not sure that I understand your question. However; the matrix knows how far you will go in a session & will give you exactly what is needed to answer the question whether you end at a S6 drawing, or beforehand.

Here is something that I recently pulled up in my saved documents from this past January in relation to a missing ID badge location. I did the session, but didn't personally know if it was enough information to locate it, but the ID badge was located as a result of the session work. I only know that the results of a session is the answer to the question. I have no personal desire in session, or after the session to be right, or to do my best, I just stay in structure. The key here is not caring about the results in session, but also afterwards when the results are given to someone at a later point in time. The person took the results and walked around the house until he recognized the key shapes along with the intangibles & tangibles etc.. until the badge was found. I had no idea where this location was, but the person looking for the lost item was able to recognize the shapes, intangibles & tangibles etc..., & locate the missing ID badge.



The ID badge was hidden from view in the fold of a hand warmer package located on top of a plastic storage bin with drawers in his bedroom near a closet door. I also have the photo of the hand warmer package covering the actual ID badge.

I hope this helps. S3 sketches are are quite important, and when combined in the ST, will give good results.

Author:  kfa [ Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ST degradation issue

Thanks for the illuminating example, however, this was not the problem I described. Maybe I make too many words as usual. I meant, I find myself increasingly unable to reproduce analytical sketches for the ST in the same quality as they came the first time in S3 (reasons described above), but according to our routine the "good" version is not the one that gets shown for result.

Author:  Tiger74 [ Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ST degradation issue

Yes, RV is exhaustiing work sometimes. Have you seen some of my Site Templates? God knows I get tired of reproducing complex analytical sketches for the S.T., especially when I'm at the 45 minute mark going into S.T. construction. When faced with that situation, it is more important (in my mind) to stay connected to the signal line in order to properly place the labels in their proper location than to spend 15 minutes accurately reproducing/fitting together each analytical sketch down to the very last detail. On a very rare occasion, I have quickly reproduced the basics of the analytical sketches and fit them together the way i feel they should go just so I can spend the majority of S.T. construction time properly placing the labels while still connected to the signal line. Then I take a break and come back and spend time accurately reproducing the analytical sketches for a nice and neat, picture perfect S.T. for analysis/client presentation, done offline. But this is only done when it's absolutely nessecary. That has been my solution and will remain so unless instructed otherwise. You are probably ok doing it either way. You're not really remote viewing when constructing the S.T. so extra time spent there shouldn't really cause any problems other than general fatigue and future loathing to sit down and run a session. We all hate the burn out.

Author:  rvtd [ Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ST degradation issue

There are also possibly two other options. You could turn the S3 sketch upside down & quickly sketch it on the ST page, like one of the exercises in the Betty Edwards book. Just remember that you sketched it upside down so that you know the correct orientation of the page when you put the AI's, tangibles, & intangibles on the ST.

Another option, which is questionable, yet could also work, is to lay the ST bond paper over the S3 sketch page and trace that individual S3 sketch. Perhaps if you practice this enough after finishing a previously completed session, your hands & mind will eventually know what to do so you can sketch a good likeness of your S3 sketches in the future.

The more one practices adequately sketching the S3 sketches onto the ST, the better one becomes at doing this. Art, or learning how to sketch or draw requires repetition, and rigor just like learning how to remote view. It's not easy, but it is an acquired skill that you can learn how to do. I can teach people how to do this in person, or via a video course of some sort.

Author:  kfa [ Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ST degradation issue

Thank you everybody for the input. I think I'll go about it this way: Strictly do by hand what needs to be done by hand, the actual remote viewing, and use technology for the presentation part. Sessions get scanned and often post-processed for readability anyway whenever we're collaborating over a distance. So I'll do a simplified ST and then recreate it from the scans. Cut, paste, move, scale, add labels, export, all just basic operations with Gimp or whichever package you like. Much less effort than copying the bible by hand, I'd rather expend my energy on improving at reaching that coveted theta state in the first place.

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