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Author:  Administrator [ Mon Dec 27, 2004 1:29 am ]

This area is dedicated towards discussing specific targets in the Learn RV DVD set and posting or sharing your results I.E., Freehand Sketches and Site Templates.

Remember, when you post in this rea, please post your subject line as follows:

Disk 00 / Target 00 / your words Here

Following this format will help other RVers stay away from viewing discussions of targets that he or she has yet executed.

You may also feel free to scan and display your own results! Directions regarding how to post scanned pictures or RV sessions is stated below:

In certain areas of the forum, you may display your Freehand Sketch or Site Template to share with other people.

To do this, first SCAN the page(s) that you wish to share and save the page in either GIF or JPG format. Please ensure that the image has been optimized for the web so that we may prevent large download times for other people.

To display your image in a post... upload your image to a server (there are many free hosting companies out there) and simply call your image in your Learn RV post using the following BBCode.


Please note that where the tag states “”, you must replace this with the domain location of your image and “yourimage.gif” must be replaced with whatever you have named your image to be displayed.

Please DO NOT make your image larger than 600 pixels in width. Doing so would be too large for the posting window and such images will be deleted by an Administrator.

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