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Author:  Dan Mann [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Currently Nameless

This is a shout out to those who are looking for mutual shelter from the storm. Those of you, like myself, who are looking to get together and work towards a common goal of getting some of your more important questions answered. I propose a group of viewers, leaderless and collective; to get some work done.

I am looking for people who have at least finished the DVD Course, and are serious about progressing in their education from the forum professionals and DVD course. I am looking for people who have been here in the forums posting their session work(good, bad, and ugly), have demonstrated their ability to stay in form, and most importantly, have the commitment to continue to improve their understanding of this remote viewing skill.

I propose a group of 5 or 6 viewers who are looking for mutual support and strength in numbers. I request that members be committed to at least one session per week dedicated to the collective good of the group.

I propose that each member contribute between 7 to 15 of their most important cues to a general pool spreadsheet. The number of the total cues in the spreadsheet will be capped at an agreed upon number. The number of cues per individual, at any given time, depend upon the number of individuals within the collective. These cues must be approved by the collective, individually. Any cue criticized by any of the forum professionals, will be stricken from the pool, until revised satisfactorily. This spreadsheet will be shared among the group. Each week a new session will be 'cycled' from this identical spreadsheet by the next individual/viewer. This member will never be in control of the cycled cue for two consecutive weeks/sessions. This individual will work the selected cue blind, and then after all appropriate movements that the viewer deems necessary are worked; only then will the cue will be viewed privately.

From this point on, the viewer will act as a pseudo project manager. These sessions will never be worked past one 'cycled' weekly blind session/cue at a time. The PM will release the TRN's to the rest of the group. The group then works the session blind, and submit their entire session to the PM for review. The PM then may request additional movements to be done if that viewer is proficient enough at doing so. After all sessions are completed, The PM will then reveal the cue & the rest of the group will post all S3's, S.T.'s, S6's, and other important/relevant materials.

At this point, the TRM material will become the responsibility of the cue's owner/originator. It is at this point that the owner must decide IF the cue will be kept in the blind pool or replaced with a new cue. The responsibility of the new cue's formation falls upon its owner. All new cues must be approved by the collective, and professional opinions still apply.

It is crucial that we as a group work these sessions in a timely manner.

NEVER at any point is it okay to pervert the way the cues are chosen. Seemingly random Fate will decide the cues, and the order of which they are drawn...

That means if none of your cues have been drawn after ten sessions:


I understand that some of us may be a bit farther experience wise than some of the others. This does not give any privilege above and beyond any other. We all should be around the same skill level at some point in the future, IF we do things by the book & help each other out. If things are worked correctly, we shall all benefit personally and collectively.

Obviously there needs to be more agreed upon, but I think that this is a decent way of doing things. Of course, everyone has their opinion on how we proceed, but I figured I would get the ball rolling....

Your thoughts or concerns?

-Daing Maing

Author:  Dan Mann [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Currently Nameless

I'm somewhat new to the RV community. I have been following the boards for a bit, and then decided sitting on the sidelines was not the way to approach this. I have been learning from the DVD course since April. I recently finished the DVD Course about five sessions ago. I have been trying to push myself to continually get better at my session protocol, and trying to learn some of the higher prompts. I have about five real world targets since finishing the course, and about three lottery attempts since then. I have mixed results.
I am 35/m in Northwest Indiana. I'm a bit travelled, and moonlight as a working Chef. I have ambitions towards getting some private one on one, advanced workshop, and other workshops in the future; at least what can reasonably be attained in such short of time. I can commit to at least one session per week towards common goals....

Author:  Nathan Peters [ Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Currently Nameless

I would probably participate if I weren't up to my eyeballs in projects. Sounds like a good idea though.

However if you have 5 viewers each with 7 cues, that would be 35 projects. If you did one a week it would take almost 9 months to complete all of them. That would be around March of 2013.

The cues in the DVD course are a gold mine. Participants could "roll their own" cues, but it might be more productive to apply teamwork to already known-good cues. Just my thought...

Author:  Dan Mann [ Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Currently Nameless

Nathan Peters wrote:
9 months to complete all of them. That would be around March of 2013.

I know that time is short, at least if Noodles' timeline is still spot on. I need some corroboration on some of my "must solve soon" cues. I would imagine others need theirs' as well. I know we haven't much time, but maybe we can do some good for someone before the big roast, perhaps me, perhaps not. I have to try. We have about four right now I think, and we have someone willing to check our cues, to be certain we aren't spinning the tires.

Nathan Peters wrote:
Participants could "roll their own" cues, but it might be more productive to apply teamwork to already known-good cues.

I do have some of the former. It is good smoke for sure; However, most are of the latter's persuasion. I appreciate your concern, and interest.


Author:  Dan Mann [ Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Currently Nameless

At this point I feel that we have filled in the remaining spot for the group. Should one or more choose to not participate any longer, I will solicit some more...

Thanks for your interest!

-Daing Maing

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