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 Open search & timeline tool 
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Post Re: Open search & timeline tool

I have just noticed the following news from the area I Geolocated to Northeastern Australia:

"Queensland bushfires: Evacuations amid 'highly unusual' conditions

Hundreds of Australians have evacuated their homes due to bushfires amid "unprecedented" weather conditions in the state of Queensland, officials say.

About 40 bushfires are burning across the state following a heatwave, said Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

The most serious blaze, 450km (280 miles) north of Brisbane, has destroyed at least two homes, damaged four others and prompted evacuation orders.

The conditions have been described as "highly unusual" for this time of year.

The largest bushfire is about 50km long and has burnt through approximately 11,000 hectares in the Deepwater National Park.

It began on Saturday and is expected to remain a threat in coming days. Most of the other bushfires are being contained, authorities said."

I will follow this story, in case it develops into a larger issue. The only portion of my data above not matching Hurricane Dorian is the references to fires, which is interesting.

However, I just ran a new Open Search, to see if the target had changed, and indeed it had. (I will be posting it in the next day or two). So it's mostly likely 1) Hurricane Dorian and I blew the Geolocation; or 2) this Australian fire story gets bigger.

My data above fits Hurricane Dorian so well, that I believe it is #1 above. In looking at my data again, I think the bounding along drawing is indicating the fact than Dorian kept hopping around from place to place and never really landing anyway, except the Bahamas, and now Nova Scotia & Newfoundland.


Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:40 pm
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Post Re: Open search & timeline tool
[3269/5477]Open search ... waERfHToJ6 ... uICeA8myDP ... 7ri5gk2o-r

The most important aspect of the site are fast downward moving things, and an object associated with peel away. There are fragments here in flight from high above. They are like a spear and I am afraid. There is a piece of something here which has flaked off. It is a desperate situation and is a shame. It is like a deer in the headlights. This is a special case associated with melt.

There is a spiritual being at the center of this emanation; something spins away as a special case. Light waves emanate and descend across an atmospheric boundary. These light waves are made of bright particles and they are broad and expanding.

[1] “Special case”: These are many small things, which are debris, and which descend in layered waves, across a boundary. They are in flight and are like a cloud. I feel interested. This is residue like rice and melts away from something. This is a spiritual situation, associated with reboot, reset, begin again, and start over. ... FapqZCOQyP

[2] “Melt”: This is a high place emanating light beams, associated with solar. There are forms of observation here and it is like a stage. It is also like the Phoenix lights and like flames. This situation is therapeutic, alive, and active and I feel pleased. It is like solar wind. ... 1WTLpgrxXe

The 2nd most important aspect of the site is a high open place above a landscape in nature. The high place above radiates in some way. This place below is associated with life, and destroy. I feel wary. There are life forms below who feel afraid, curious, and watchful. These are people in a landscape who feel attentive and wary. They have a belief and blame someone. It is associated with spirit.

[3] “Spirit”: There are things and objects here moving fast above. They are raised exhaust which are like lice. They are also like laughing gas. Something is being extruded here. I feel concerned and wary. These things are associated with bread basket, and agriculture. There are life forms below who feel relaxed. They are joining their fellow Man. ... pZEhsbCDJy

[4] “Belief”: This is a moving layer and a ridge which abuts something and lifts and separates. It is a special case which makes me feel curious and wary. It is like a bridge and also like a vehicle. There is a hole here and it is a ridge line. ... RBzPCDla-n

[5] Round object at top: This is a large oval thing and object associated with spirit. There are brilliant beings of light and energy here and they make me feel pleased. The beings feel blissful and enlightened. There are flowing flames here associated with dampen and display. There are stipes and strips of light rays emanating from this object and it is like high noon. ... uKCz4JeGwj


In one sentence: there are a whole lot of small fast something incoming to the earth’s surface.

This session has only 2 aspects, [X] and [A], which makes it relatively easy to interpret.

I am not doing any Geolocation work on this session as results are largely atmospheric and could really affect a wide area on the surface of earth.

This is an unusual circumstance. It may be negative, but seems to reset a situation or belief, perhaps making it therapeutic in the long run. There is a real practical aspect to this, but also spiritual implications. It may affect culture. It may also affect agriculture.

14 Sept 2019: I did some minor follow-on. Particles in the atmosphere are more like energy particles than volcanic dust; [A] looks like it could be a volcano. The origin of incoming light rays is something more sun-like than UFO-like.

Postulates (updated 14 Sept 2019)
P0 – Atmosphere-Solar interaction (e.g. solar flare(s)/unusual northern lights)
P1 – Atmosphere-Asteroid dust interaction
P2 – Major earth temperature change caused by sun


Due to a portion of this session appearing in other work, I’ve been able to narrow the timeline to:

September 21st to October 21st, 2019

I will think more on the implications of this session work in coming days.


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Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:31 pm
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Post Re: Open search & timeline tool
I'm wondering whether this upcoming Open Search is what appeared in my 2019 Bilderberg meeting session work:


An event similar to this Open Search has also showed up in one other session recently.


Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:10 pm
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