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Complex descriptors bad?
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Author:  f_angel [ Wed Jan 19, 2005 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Complex descriptors bad?

Hey all,

- Finished DVD1, practicing blind targets
- When entering sensory or dimension data is it incorrect procedure (at this stage, or any) to use complex descriptors?
half-nature, half-man made (like a swimming pool for example)

or comparative language such as:
very cold
colder than winter
taller than me

In reviewing professional RV sessions, I dont see this type of data. So I assume that such references are the product of higher-level analytical thinking, and therefore not proper. Or, at least not proper at DVD1 stage. I cant really say this data has been overwhelmingly accurate either when used. However I find myself at a point of getting a notion of a descriptor, and having to spend time using 'imagination/brain' to translate that descriptor into a one word phrase. It feels as if this action of self-thought may be drifting me farther from signal-flow/target. Then again, perhaps such comparative phrases are often known to be practices that lead one off-target and not proper process to begin with (and therefore should be ignored as "noise").

For example "towering" could be used instead of "taller than me" and "frigid" as opposed to "very cold". But these came to me during post-session review.


Author:  Ed Dames [ Thu Jan 20, 2005 3:55 am ]
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Are you referring to Stage 2 or Stage 4?

Author:  f_angel [ Thu Jan 20, 2005 6:22 am ]
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Hello there Ed, (!)

Stage 4.
For the time being I am restricting myself to the descriptor list for Stage 2.
That is, until I have fully memorized the descriptor list through repeated Stage 2 use.

At stage 4 I do my best to set the list aside.
Although, I do find myself repeating things I have written in stage 2.
(as a second question, is that improper?)


Author:  Ed Dames [ Fri Jan 21, 2005 3:17 am ]
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Got it...beginning now, cease using comparators in any stage. Also, there is nothing wrong, at your stage of training, with repeating a Stage 2 descriptor in the Stage 4 sensory column.

I would like for you to post one of your sessions for me to evaluate, however, so that I might be more exacting in my guidance. I smell a bad habit or two developing.

Author:  f_angel [ Thu Feb 03, 2005 10:13 am ]
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ok. i'm no longer using comparative descriptors.

Thank you for offering to take a moment to evaluate a session.
Listed far below are the filenames.

Still on DVD1. This is session 5 of 6 that I've completed (not including training sessions). I selected this one because the writing is generally more legible. heh.

Although my general accuracy is not improving drastically, my concerns are more with the process itself. It would seem only natural that results will improve with great practice, as any skill. The sessions themselves have become more smooth, comfortable, and quicker. My brain seems more calm and also less concerned with the outcome or accuracy while in mid-session. I feel more at ease in trusting procedure and just "doing", while I merely pen down what seems right. Each session review is also a great reinforcement of the inaccuracy of the AOLs that my conscious tries to ram home. Looking fwd to DVD2 this weekend.


My thanks for your valuable time Ed,

Author:  f_angel [ Sun Feb 20, 2005 7:09 am ]
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fixed image tags so they are in-line with post.


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