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 Descriptor word list 
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Post Descriptor word list
I'm looking to expand my RV wordset to maybe better my rv experience. Is there any word here that shouldn't be, or can you add something

Descriptor Word List


airy, bristly, bumpy, coarse, cold, cool, crispy, damp, dimpled, dry, edged, elastic, feathery, filmy, firm, fishy, fleshy, fluffy, fragile, furry, fuzzy, gaseous, glassy, grainy, greasy, gritty, hairy, hard, hot, icy, leathery, lukewarm, lumpy, matte, metallic, moist, mushy, oily, pebbly, powdery, prickly, resilient, rough, rubbery, sandy, satiny, semi-hard, semi-soft, sharp, silky, slick, slimy, slippery, smooth, soft, spongy, steamy, sticky, stuccoed, tacky, tepid, textured, thin, thick, tough, velvety, warm, waxy, wet, wooden, wooly


amber, amethyst, aqua, avocado, azure, beige, bistre, black, blue, bright, brindle, bronze, brown, burgundy, canary, carmine, cerise, charcoal, chartreuse, chestnut, chocolate, chrome, citrine, claret, clear, cobalt, coral, cordovan, cream, crimson, cyan, dark, dim, drab, dull, dun, ebony, emerald, faded, flesh, fluorescent, fuchsia, garnet, glassy, golden, green, gray, indigo, iridescent, ivory, jade, khaki, lavender, lemon, light, lilac, lime, luminescent, magenta, maize, maroon, mauve, mahogany, milky, minty, mottled, mustard, navy, obsidian, ocher, olive, opaque, onyx, orange, pale, patterned, peach, pearl, pink, plum, puce, purple, red, reflective, rose, ruby, ruddy, rust, sable, saffron, salmon, sapphire, scarlet, sepia, shadowed, shimmering, shiny, silver, slate, smoky, snowy, sooty, speckled, tan, topaz, translucent, transparent, turquoise, twinkling, umber, vermillion, violet, walnut, white, wine, yellow


acrid, aromatic, balmy, briny, burnt, chemical, dank, earthy, fishy, fragrant, fresh, moist, moldy, musty, pungent, putrid, rancid, reek, scented, sharp, sour, spicy, stagnant, stale, stench, sweet acidy


alkaline, acidy, bitter, bittersweet, bland, burnt, buttery, chalky, chemical, crisp, fishy, fresh, fruity, medicinal, mellow, metallic, oily, peppery, rancid, ripe, salty, sour, spicy, stony, sweet, tangy, tart, tasteless, vinegary, wooden


ambient, arid, blistering, body, boiling, chili, chill, cold, coldish, cool, damp, freezing, frigid, heating up, hot, humid, ice-cold, red-hot, room, scalding, steaming, sweltering, torrid, warm, wintery


banging, barking, bleating, bluster, booming, braying, buzzing, chirping, chiming, chugging, clamor, clanging, clanking, clapping, clashing, clicking, crackling, deafening, din, discord, distant, dripping, ear-splitting, echoes, faint, flapping, grinding, gurgling, grating, harmonic, high-pitched, hissing, humming, inaudible, jangle, jingling, loud, mechanical, metallic, muffled, murmuring, noisy, peeping, piercing, purring, quiet, racket, raspy, rattling, rhythmic, ringing, roaring, rumbling, rushing, rustling, scraping, screaming, screeching, shouting, slamming, snap, splashing, squawking, squeaking, swishing, tapping, thud, thrumming, thumping, tinkling, vibrations, voices, whining, whirring, whispering, whistling, whooshing, zing


above, across, adjacent, angular, amble, around, arc, arcing, asymmetrical, back and forth, baggy, banded, below, bending, bent, big, bolting, bouncing, boxy, bulbous, careening, circling, circular, close, concave, concentric, contacting, contorted, convex, convoluted, crawling, crescent, creeping, coiled, conical, contoured, corkscrewed, crowned, cubed, cupped, curly, curved, curving, cylindrical, dashing, deep, deformed, dense, depressed, descending, diagonal, disproportional, down, dragging, drifting, dropping, drooping, edging, elliptical, empty, enclosed, fan-out, far, fast, flat, forked, galloping, globular, growing, heaving, heavy, helical, hemispherical, hexagonal, high, hollow, horizontal, huge, hurling, in, inside, intersecting, jerking, kinetic, lifting, light, long, looping, low, lumbering, medium, misshapen, moving, narrow, near, oblong, octagonal, off, on, open, out, outside, oval, over, parallel, perpendicular, peaked, pentagonal, plodding, plummeting, plump, plunging, pointed, polyhedron, protruding, pyramid-shaped, reciprocating, rectangular, repetitive, rolling, round, rounded, sauntering, scattered, scurrying, seized, shallow, sharp, shrinking, similar, skipping, slinking, slouching, slow, slowing, small, smashing, soaring, speeding, speeding-along, spherical, spiked, spinning, spiraling, square, squat, staggering, straight, straying, streamlined, sunken, swaggering, sweeping, swerving, swirling, swollen, swooping, tall, tapered, thick, tight, tiny, triangular, tubular, turning, twisted, under, up, upright, vast, veined, vertical, waddling, wavy, wide, winding, wraparound, zooming,

Aesthetic Impact (Al)

afraid, agitated, alert, amazed, anxious, apathetic, awed, bored, cheerful, confused, content, curious, cynical, depressed, disturbed, disoriented, dizzy, dominant, dreamy, excited, exuberant, familiar, fearful, friendly, frightened, frustrated, happy, humorous, hysterical, impressed, interested, intimidated, insensitive, intrigued, jovial, joyful, livid, lonely, lost, nervous, observant, overwhelmed, peaceful, pleasant, pleased, reflective, relaxed, respectful, reverent, sad, sarcastic, sensitive, shocked, sleepy, soothed, surprised, tense, thoughtful, tired, unfamiliar, vivacious,

Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:53 pm
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Post Re: Descriptor word list
It's always nice to have a large vocabulary, especially if you're a writer. The movements in RV demand you do not take the time to think, for instance, if you 'see' the color "black" in your S2 and S4 work you don't want to pause and redefine it as "charcoal" or "indigo," unless it just comes out that way. Basic colors, textures, smell, sound, et al, tend to come forward first. People who, like writers, are in technical or medical fields also have expanded vocabularies, and this is outstanding. It helps tremendously when it comes to writing up your Data Summaries and Postulates.

What I am saying is, if it comes naturally, use it. More power to you. Just keep in mind two things: 1) "No thinking allowed" when you're in session, and 2) K.I.S.S.

Go forth and RV!

"We can, because we are." - Snow

Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:40 pm
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Post Re: Descriptor word list
I made this list to learn more words, so if say trapezoid pops up in s2 I know how to sketch it. So that if coral pops up one wouldn't aol it but know it's a shade of pinkish red. Sadly I think some of the words might be aol inducing...

Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:34 pm
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