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Maximum Break Time
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Author:  Dan Mann [ Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Maximum Break Time

justin wrote:
I sometimes need to take a break every session. How long can I break with a WAIS-4 IQ of 105 with sustained attention deficit, i.e. OSA IQ of 94 or WJ-3 IQ 98? I take in normal amounts of macros and micros but I'm clinically depressed.

Edit: 2nd WAIS test showed language deficit; which happens to match the one weakness on BrainHQ exercises.

I am unsure of what you mean by macros and micros... dosages?!?

However, You can break as long as you like; Days or weeks if need be... probably even months, but I wouldn't suggest it.

For the clinically depressed part, look into tdcs with the correct montage. I have used it personally and feel that it is a great way to get therapy without having a team of psychologists.

Taking a break is not an issue at any point after the S3[Site], and I truly feel that ADHD or ADD is not a hindrance. In fact, I feel that having that hyper of a mind set can be beneficial if you wrangle it(your level of focused-ness) correctly. When in session, you need to maintain focus on the signal line, and the rapid rolling perceptions that pop up from your unconscious; this stream of changing perceptions is what you are looking to maintain focus upon.

Author:  Dan Mann [ Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maximum Break Time

justin wrote:
You mentioned taking a break at any point after S3. I'm assuming that means after the 2/3 point of S4.

Thanks for the tdcs reference.

I said stage 3 of SITE.

You can break at any point, however if you do not finish that aspect (through completing S4): you must repeat that aspect the next time you startup from the break. i.e. the dog barks at you to go out while you are in the middle of a stage two descriptors. When you start again you have to start that aspect over again.

justin wrote:
"There are two types of stimulation with tDCS: anodal and cathodal stimulation."

Do your research. Especially on the long term effects of such use. Look into the needed mineral and electrolyte replenishment of depleted materials in such use.

Perhaps I don't understand what you are saying nor where you are quoting from. That quote seems misleading at best, and by definition: incorrect. Moreover, you are not describing the situation correctly. Don't be a fool. Start with a ton of research and see a professional before you jaunt off on your own.

Post some RV work for review.

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