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 Survival/low-tech living ideas 
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Post Survival/low-tech living ideas
As we get into a new year, I thought it might be good to swap some survival and low-tech living ideas. To start off, I'd like to put forward some of my thoughts in no particular order:

Survival-ism: There is a lot of interesting information out about "living off the land" and would probably come in handy if someone got trapped in the wilderness. But it might have limited usefulness in a situation where a bunch of other people are finding themselves living off the land as well.

A more practical search term would be "applied technology". Or technology that is useful and usable on a smaller scale and without the modern infrastructure that we are used to. Learning how to install an outhouse is great but being able to disconnect an abandoned neighborhood's sewer from the non-functional sewer system and install a community anaerobic digestion system would be even better depending on the situation. If a village in Africa would find it useful, learn it!

Survival seeds: I've thought about this in the past but I'm not sure how much stock to place in "survival seed" type businesses. I'd be more interested in examining subsistence farmers who live in the same climate that my sanctuary is in and duplicating what they do.

Communications: I'm all for people getting their Ham radio licences. In the US the test is pretty easy: the FCC posts all questions in the "pool" for each licence level (of which, about a third will be on the test). I read the Technician Licence pool questions through about three times and didn't have any problem with the test. And it's cheap, $5 or $10 to take the test.

I have a mobile dual-band (2m/70cm) rig in my vehicle and recently bought a $45 Chinese dual band portable "Handy Talkie" that I'm quite happy with. I am able to access a repeater about 22 miles from my house that then rebroadcasts to about a 90 mile radius.

Local ham clubs run repeaters and will host regular nets to get Hams used to the protocol to use during actual emergencies. If something disastrous happened I'd trust the Hams to get their repeaters and networks up before the cell companies had their systems up. In actual emergencies ham networks are where the action is and it's a good idea to be a part of it.

Plus once you are familiar with radio tech you can do stuff like set up your own emergency networks. I recently saw a new 12 watt GMRS (a 70cm radio service in the US) repeater for $150 online. With that and a few handy-talkies your associates can have a workable communication network.

Useful skills: You might find that being able to do things like welding can come in handy in an emergency. Also grab some books on wilderness or "ditch" medicine. In an emergency you might have to be able to correctly dose someone (possibly even yourself) with veterinarian antibiotics. Figure that stuff out now so you aren't guessing later.

Since I do occasional work on cars I have a number of manuals burned onto DVDs. Assuming a working computer is available it would give me diagrams and diagnostic procedures that I wouldn't know off the top of my head. I've also purchased an auto code reader that lets me read trouble codes and monitor sensors. It's already paid for itself in savings! :D

Guns: I hate to even bring this up, but it would probably be good if someone knew their way around weapons. Hunting, personal protection and etc. can only be enabled with well-maintained weapons. Some study of modern gunsmithing information could turn out to be very valuable.

That's all I can think of right now, other input and ideas appreciated.

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Post Re: Survival/low-tech living ideas
Valid points, but solutions will likely differ between individuals, locations, etc. It is not the first time, that a thread with this suggestion has come up. One purpose of this forum is to convey to people, that they can find their individually optimized course of action by means of remote viewing their 'optimum trajectory', and to help them develop the skills necessary to do so.

Online spaces for discussing survival tactics themselves are plentiful. Maybe we could add a collection of good links here for those interested, but I believe the maintainers of this webspace would rather have it stay focused. Evangelizing RV in those places might be a good idea, though.

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Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:26 pm
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